Presentazione PREPARATA PATHWAY: How Quantum Fields Keep All Matter Together – INFN Bari, 18/12/18

Presentazione del libro  “PREPARATA PATHWAY: How Quantum Fields Keep All Matter Together.”

F. Buccella, R. Mele and Y. Srivastava Eds. Bibliopolis, Napoli, 2017.


Martedi 18 dicembre 2018, ore 16


Via E. Orabona 4

70125 Bari

Aula multimediale.


Relatori: Prof. Franco Buccella (Università di Napoli) e Prof. Yogendra Shrivastava (Università di Perugia).

Abstract: Giuliano Preparata’s fundamental contibution in High Energy Physics was the pioneering interpretation of the Feynman parton model in the framework of quantum field theory,  with the connection of the observed scaling in the structure functions in deep inelastic scattering to the singularities on the light-cone of the product of two currents.

Preparata also wrote relevant papers with Rodolfo Bonifacio about Free Electron Lasers, and  with De Martini on related topics.

The construction of a theory of coherent phenomena based on quantum electrodynamics, and its application to a vast class of problems in condensed matter physics was his last work. This part of the Preparata’s scientific activity will be mainly described in the presentation.

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