Pagine: 148
Anno: 2014-2015

Cassirer Studies VII/VIII – 2014/2015 – An der Schwelle einer neuen geistigen Welt

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NACHLAß p. 11
ABY WARBURG, Die Wanderungen der antiken Götterwelt vor ihrem Eintritt in die italienische Hochrenaissance, edited by Maurizio Ghelardi » 13

On Cassirer and the Neo-Kantian Legacy, edited by Fabien Capeillères » 59
PIERRE KELLER, Kant’s “Proud Name of Ontology” Between Cassirer’s Philosophy of Symbolic Forms and Heidegger’s Being and Time » 63
SEBASTIAN LUFT, Cohen’s Idea of a Philosophy of Culture and the Question of the Human Subject » 87
LIDIA PATTON, Cassirer and Steinthal on Expression and the Science of Language » 99

SIMON TRUWANT, Cassirer’s Enlightened View on the Hierarchy of the Symbolic Forms and the Task of Philosophy » 119


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